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This is a place for you to add client testimonials to showcase how happy your clients are with the service you provide

- Jane Doe

Testimonials are really important to your business as they provide "social proof" which helps prospective clients choose to contact you.

- Valerie Jones

There's three here, but you can add as many testimonials as you like. You can also add before/after images as the testimonial image if you like.

- James Robinson

Our Mission

This section is for communicating your mission statement to potential clients. Let them know exactly what drives you, why you do what you do, and most important why it will benefit them. It's an opportunity for your goals and ideals to really resonate with your potential clients.

Your key "points of difference" are what sets you and your services apart from your competitors.

You should use these short sections to call each one out as benefits to any potential clients on your site.

These points should align with what you perceive as your clients biggest challenges

Your points of difference should show your website visitors that you know how to fix their issues

About Me

This section is an opportunaity for you to write about yourself. You should use it to communicate your passion and explain what drives you and why you do what you do.

You can also use it to showcase any qualifications you have, and to show an image of yourself. We recommend either a headshot or a picture of you working (like the ones we've included here).


  • Cert III and IV in Fitness
  • Post Natal Fitness Cert III
  • Australian Kettlebell Association Certificate of Proficiency

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Our Services

This section lets you introduce your services. You can have up to four services shown here and you can show an image and price for each one as well as the service name and description.

Your First Service Name

Each service description should be fairly descriptive and outline what each service includes



$400 for a pack of 10

Your Second Service Name

You should highlight the benefits of each one to ensure that potential clients know which service is the one they need.



$180 for a pack of 10

Your Third Service Name

You can also add dual pricing to each service. This allows you to set a price per service as well as a bulk buy or subscription price.




Free Initial Consult

Here you can go into detail about your onboarding offer. Remember this is the offer that's designed to get you leads so you need to make it sounds as appealing as possible. As a general rule you'll want to include a short intro paragraph that addresses the key challenges of your ideal clients, followed by a breakdown of what the intro offer includes:

  • Use short punchy bullet points to communicate key benefits
  • Clearly show what's included in the offer
  • Be sure to tie each part of the offer to a benefit to the potential lead

Then you'll want to finish with a clear call to action:

"Sound good? Fill in the form to get started and we'll get back to you within a few hours."

You can also include alternative contact info such as your phone number or email to cater for people that don't like filling in forms.